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Three Common Dementia Symptoms

As dementia progresses, many things a loved one does and says can be frustrating and hard to fathom. But understanding them can help you successfully respond and support the person.

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Why It's Important to Get Your Loved One With Dementia Outdoors

The need to go outside and connect with the earth’s cycles doesn’t disappear with Alzheimer's disease.

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Eight Steps for Dealing with Dementia Behaviors

One of the painful aspects of Alzheimer’s and dementia is the way it can seem to shift the person you love into acting like someone else.

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Why You Shouldn't Call Your Grandma Sweetie

Many seniors experience patronizing speech, or Elderspeak, every day. It may seem harmless, but elderspeak reinforces a negative stereotype of aging and can lead to poor health outcome

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5 Ways to Help Manage Diabetes in Seniors

It’s National American Diabetes Association Alert Day! This day is especially important for seniors since they are at risk of developing health related complications from Type 2 diabetes if not diagnosed and managed.

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