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Brookdale's Dementia Care Program Philosophy

When considering a memory care community it’s important to look for programming that is deeply rooted in a person-centered approach, focuses on sustaining feelings of belonging and purpose, and seeks to preserve identity and a sense of self for those living with dementia.

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Handling Family Disagreements About Dementia

We all know that no family is perfect and the emotions that arise when a loved one has dementia symptoms can stir up tensions that don’t normally appear. Here are some tips for having family conversations around dementia.

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Why Physicians and Families Don't Want to Talk About Dementia

Does talking about dementia make you uncomfortable? If so, you wouldn't be alone. Not only do many families avoid talking about this disease, to a large degree doctors do too.

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The Circle of Enriching Lives

There is nothing I love more than working to enrich the lives of our seniors. I try to base my decisions on what I know from my past experience working in a Brookdale community. Such was the case with the decision to put iPads into the hands of our residents.

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Do You Want to Live to Be 100?

A recent analysis by Dr. Jan Vijg and his team at Albert Einstein College suggests that the upper limit of longevity tops out at around 115 years old.

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