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Brookdale Solutions, COVID-19 September 28, 2020

How Brookdale Is Responding to Double-Punch Flu Season

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a serious ongoing health issue, the approaching flu season will present some heightened challenges. Health experts are calling it a potential double-punch, in which individuals who fail to get a flu shot may find themselves battling both the flu and COVID-19.

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Reflections on Silver Linings

Considering the positives in a pandemic is counterintuitive at best, but there truly are things to share that are worthy of discussion.

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Make Over Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Could a well-designed bedroom help you sleep better at night? Read more to find out.

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Do Green Cleaning Products Really Protect Against Viruses?

If you’re wondering whether your earth-smart, “green” cleaning products are effective against COVID-19, the answer is a qualified maybe.

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Stress Baking the Healthier Way

Baking while quarantined has become so popular that yeast manufacturers can barely keep up with the demand. But if you’re worried that all those extra carbs and sugars could be taking a negative toll on your health, you may want to consider modifying your recipes.

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