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Passion & Purpose February 24, 2020

Getting Social: Helpful Tips for Seniors to Make New Friends

There are plenty of opportunities available for older adults to rekindle their social lives; it’s all a matter of deciding how you’d like to spend your time. Check out these helpful tips for making new friends in senior living.

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Passion & Purpose February 21, 2020

Robert Luke Lindon: Starting with a Green Thumb

Luke Lindon is making the most of his retired life by putting his green thumb to use in his community's garden. Read on to learn how gardening has given him a new sense of purpose.

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Passion & Purpose January 14, 2020

Steve Meyer: "Home At First Sight"

When Steve took a tour of Brookdale, it was home at first sight. After stitching himself into the fabric of his community, he still believes he made the best choice.

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Passion & Purpose December 26, 2019

How Crossfit Made This 78-Year-Old Stronger Than Ever

It’s not every day you see a 78-year-old deadlifting 102 pounds. That is, unless you were to show up to a CrossFit 616 class on a day when Carol Leigh was there

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Passion & Purpose December 03, 2019

Elwood and Martha: "From blind date to happily ever after."

With a marriage spanning 65 years, it’s safe to say that Elwood and Martha Smith are as much in love today as they ever were.

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