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Passion & Purpose October 23, 2019

This 90-Year-Old Skydiver Is Free Falling for a Cause

Paul Robitaille isn't exactly a daredevil, but his love for helping others motivates him to skydive for a cause every single year.

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Passion & Purpose October 13, 2019

Mark Janik: "Finding Home for Mom and Dad"

When searching for a place that felt like home for his Czech club dancing parents, Mark Janik knew just where to look. He scheduled a day visit at Brookdale Willowbrook and the rest was history. Right away, Mark's father, a sharp man said, "I think we're going to like it here." Mark rests easy assured that his family is being well taken care of and that they truly call Brookdale home.

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Passion & Purpose October 03, 2019

Richard Brian: "Sharing Painting with Friends is My Passion"

Richard is a retired educator who continues his legacy by teaching fellow residents how to paint.

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Passion & Purpose September 09, 2019

How One Man Started a New Career at 60-Years-Old

It's never too late to master a new craft. Jack Berglund is living proof.

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Passion & Purpose August 30, 2019

For the Latest in Hobbies for Seniors, Bird is the Word

No matter your lifestyle, there is a level of birdwatching for every senior. Check out these tips to start birdwatching today!

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