His and Hers Health: Why the differences matter as we age

Man and Woman

It’s no secret that men and women are different, and some of those differences are more than skin deep. As we age, men and women develop different healthcare needs, too. The two genders don’t just experience disease differently; they can even experience diagnosis and treatment differently.

For example, cardiac catheterization is a typical diagnostic procedure for cardiovascular disease that might not work as effectively for women as it does for men, since women tend to accumulate plaque along the artery more diffusely. Other techniques like an intracoronary ultrasound could be more effective for women.

In both senior men and women, lung cancer often responds similarly to the traditional chemotherapy treatments. However, some of the newer therapies have shown to be more effective in women. Why? Research conducted on particular lung cancer drugs has found that some of the genetic mutations targeted were more common in women.

Osteoporosis is another example. Since women tend to suffer from osteoporosis more than men, many of the therapies have been tested solely on women, which means the effectiveness of treatments or their side effects for men aren’t fully understood.

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