10 Products Every Senior Needs

Grabber Claws

They may look comical, but these long, grabbing tools can help you access things in high and low places. They are especially handy in homes where storage space is maximized. A simple squeeze on the grip allows you to pull a roll of paper towels from a high shelf. Grabber claws also help retrieve things from the floor without having to bend over to pick them up.

SnapPower Guidelights

Never be in the dark again with these easy to install, built-in outlets that double as nightlights. Now getting up in the middle of the night is safer and easier. Just snap these handy plates right over your current outlets. Best of all, they cost less than 10-cents per year to operate.


Electric Kettles

Heating up water on a stove can be dangerous. What if we spill hot water or drop a heavy kettle? Fortunately, electric kettles give us the ability to heat up water for things like soup and tea, with less possibility of suffering a burn.


Key Turners

Opening doors can get more difficult if you have arthritis or other conditions. Fortunately, key turners can help you make sure things are locked up tight. The thick metal casing snaps over the handle of any key, allowing for easy twists and turns.


5-in-1 Lid Openers

Opening jars and bottles can be a challenge for all of us, but especially if you are battling arthritis. That’s where this magical, multi-use tool comes in handy. With the flick of a wrist, you can pop bottle tabs, twist-off bottle caps, open pull tabs and even open jars.


Window Bird Feeders

Think birdwatching is for the birds? Think again. This attractive feeder suctions to any window, providing hours of entertainment for those of us who love to watch birds but can’t always get outside to see them.


Playing Card Holders

Card games provide us bonding time — with our children, our grandkids and especially friends. But holding a hand of cards for extended periods of time can sometimes become a challenge. That’s where these handy card racks come in. They keep your cards concealed from other players, so you can focus on what really matters — your next turn.


Back & Shoulder Massagers

For that fresh-from-the-spa feeling, nothing beats a portable back and shoulder massager. For whatever ails you, this miracle machine will knead away aches and pains.


Go somewhere even when you’re sitting down. With this handy pedal exerciser, you can maintain your muscle strength and get a little cardio while doing other things. Place it on a table for a great arm workout too.

Sleep Sound Machine

Falling asleep can be a challenge at any age, but as we get older, some people may sleep fewer hours and sleep less deeply. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the sleep you do get. Effective and easy to use, sound machines make a great addition to any nightstand. Fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean, rainforests and even white noise.

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