Robotic Vacuums

Clean like the Jetsons with a super smart, robotic vacuum. These smart vacuums have special cameras and laser sensors that allow them to maneuver around furniture, people and pets so you can put your feet up and let the robots do the work for you!


Home Assistants

The popularity of voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home has exploded in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. With a voice assistant, you can make grocery lists, set alarms and reminders, play your favorite music, get the latest news and even turn on your lights or TV. Some models can even video call friends and family! Plus, they come at a variety of price points, so you don’t have to break the bank.


Voice-Activated Outlets

Tired of bending over to turn on your floor lamp? Lighting your house is as easy as saying “Alexa, turn on the lights.”

If you have a home assistant like the Echo or Google Home, you can connect them to smart outlet adapters. These adapters allow you to turn your outlet on and off with a simple voice command. Best of all, there’s no installation required — simply plug it into the wall, then connect it to your home assistant.


Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles

If you’ve been watching the news, you may have seen virtual reality glasses, or VR glasses. These high-tech goggles have made a big splash in the last few years, immersing the user in a fantastic world of virtual reality.

But you don’t have to spend big bucks to enjoy virtual reality. All you need is a smartphone and a cardboard VR viewer. That’s right — many VR goggles are made of cardboard and special plastic lenses so you can experience VR with your friends, kids and grandkids for just a few dollars.



If you often find yourself searching for your car keys, wallet or phone, you’re in luck. Meet Tile, the technology that helps you find your stuff.

How does it work? Simply download the app on your smartphone. Then, slip a Tile in your wallet or onto your keychain. When your stuff gets lost, open the app and the Tile on your lost item will play a tune to help you find it. It also works in reverse — if you lose your phone, just press the button on your Tile and your phone will begin to ring.



Gone are the days of calling the cab company. Catching a ride is easier than ever with rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. All you need is a smartphone and the app, and a personal chauffeur will be on the way.

Don’t have a smartphone? Just call Go Go Grandparent. They’ll summon your Uber or Lyft for you over the phone, and keep your family members in the loop while they’re at it.


Want More Cool Tech?

At Brookdale, we love exploring new technology and how it can make seniors’ lives better. Check out our articles about tech for seniors, and feel free to give us a call anytime!  

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