Reene Murrell: "Entertaining with Flavor"

When it’s your job to make sure a dining room full of hungry people are happy, there’s a little freedom to get creative, or at least Reene Murrell thinks so. He’s a dining services manager at Brookdale who sees himself as an entertainer of sorts. 

“I do whatever I can,” he says. “If it’s just a smile or a hug, even if it’s just to do a little promenade in front of their table, if I can get them laughing or joking, it’s a good day.”

So where does his infectious, bubbly personality come from? A lesson his mom taught him when he was younger: the power of a smile. 

“Smile even if you’re having a bad day because you never know whose day it helps,” he shares.  

See more of Reene’s story below.

Renee Murrell

"Entertaining with Flavor"

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