Is Hospice Care Right for You or Your Loved One?

What exactly is hospice?

Hospice is specialized care designed to help patients with a terminal diagnosis live as comfortably as possible. While hospice treatment is not a cure for terminal illnesses, it is designed to manage pain, treat symptoms and give patients and family as much comfort and peace as possible.

Hospice care can be provided in the comfort of home, a senior living community or elsewhere.

Every hospice patient at Brookdale is assigned a full team of professionals who are dedicated to serving not only the patient but also may act as a resource for their family members and loved ones. Our hospice teams provide personalized care in your own home, including pain management, emotional and spiritual support, respite care, bereavement services and more.


When is it time to start thinking about hospice care?

Many people mistakenly believe hospice is only for those who are in their last few days of life. But the hospice benefit care is designed to support patients over a 6 month span. Many patients receive hospice care longer than the first 6 month period. Hospice care, by design, is uniquely delivered depending on the condition of individual patients.

For some, the right time to investigate hospice care is when they receive a terminal diagnosis. For others it’s when curative treatment options are limited or unattractive. And for more patients, the right time may be when they have experienced a recent, steady, or sharp decline in overall health.

It can be important to look into hospice options earlier rather than later. “Many residents and loved ones say they wish they’d looked into hospice care sooner,” says Charlie Hall, a member of Brookdale Hospice’s leadership team. “They often struggle with weighty decisions and increasing levels of care, and they don’t realize how helpful hospice care can be.”


“Applying for hospice care feels like giving up hope. I’m not sure I’m ready to look into it.”

Many families are concerned that applying for hospice care means the end of life will come sooner. But according to the Institute of Medicine, some evidence shows that patients who receive hospice care live longer than patients with similar illnesses who don’t receive hospice care.

Entering hospice doesn’t mean giving up hope. It does mean high-quality medical, spiritual and emotional support for both family and patients in the comfort of home. Each patient is different, and a small number even experience recovery and are discharged from hospice.


What services are provided for loved ones of hospice patients?

Certain aspects of hospice care at Brookdale extend to family, spouses and friends of a patient. We provide support and bereavement services to loved ones. While each family’s needs are different, bereavement services such as support groups, regular check-ins and other care may be provided for a few months or upwards of a full year after a loved one passes.


How much does hospice care cost?

100% of hospice costs are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid coverage for those who qualify. This includes care provided to family members or loved ones as well. Often times, private insurance covers all or most of the cost of hospice as well.


What will my hospice care team look like?

When a patient receives hospice care at Brookdale, it isn’t provided by just one person — it’s provided by a full team of passionate, dedicated professionals.

Hospice caregiving teams are headed by a medical director who is a licensed physician, a team of registered nurses and hospice aides, social workers, music therapists, a chaplain, bereavement specialists, and volunteer support. This team meets every week to create an individualized plan that meets the patient’s and family’s needs.


What makes Brookdale’s hospice care unique?

Our nurses and aids have a smaller caseload than most other hospice agencies. That means staff members may stay longer on visits and visit more often after hours, on weekends and during emergencies. We also strive to go above and beyond with our care, especially during the final days when patients and loved ones need extra support.


How can I find out if I qualify for hospice or if it’s right for me?

Simply ask any of our associates about hospice care, and they can put you in touch with our hospice team. We’re always happy to meet with patients and families to discuss their options and get them started with the application process if they so desire.

To find out more about hospice care at Brookdale and find a location with hospice care near you, visit our hospice page. And if you have questions, reach out to a representative and we’ll be happy to help.

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