5 Mocktails That May Make You Reconsider Your Cocktail

The Kova Classic

Meet the fabulously virgin alternative of the traditional “Old Fashioned.” Meaning “strong or loud,” this mocktail really brings the flavor, but lacks the alcoholic punch. While it requires a little more time than some other virgin options, if you’re looking for powerful taste, you can’t go wrong with this tried and true “brew.”


For One Serving:

  • Add one bag of barley tea to three cups of water, then refrigerate for 2 hours
  • Place a sugar cube (about a teaspoon) in glass

  • Add an orange slice, 2 shakes of bitters and then muddle

  • Stir in splashes of tea (to taste and until sugar dissolves)

  • Garnish with a cherry


Extra Sipping Knowledge:

  • Barley and some tea bags may contain gluten, so skip ahead if gluten is on your list of no-nos. 

  • Bitters are an infusion of spices, roots and herbs that contains alcohol, but when diluted, is not considered to be an alcoholic beverage.

  • Consider bypassing the orange, cherry or substituting with an alternative sweetener, if you’re trying to cut back on sugar.


Millie’s Mary

From the Latin name meaning “gentle, brave strength,” this Bloody Mary remix is a much more tame and healthy way to kick off your morning.


For One Serving:

  • Combine 8.5oz tomato juice, 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, ½ teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and ice cubes

  • Pour back and forth from one glass to another to fully mix

  • Add salt, pepper and hot sauce to taste

  • Still missing something? Consider a tiny splash of fish sauce


Extra Sipping Knowledge:

  • Want to make a breakfast of it? Consider adding some shrimp, celery or pickled green beans as an edible garnish.

  • If you are vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions, like gluten sensitivity, beware of premade Bloody Mary mixes — you may want to double check what’s in them.

  • Keep it fresh and creative each time by playing around with different spice mixes to salt the rim of your glass.


Dexter Mule

This ginger delight is a great option for all of the vegetarians and vegans out there. Named for the Latin word meaning “skilled, or one who dyes,” we’ve taken the classic Moscow Mule, removed the alcohol and given it a beautiful orange hue.


For One Serving:

  • Combine 1oz orange juice, ½ cup of ginger beer and 2oz club soda

  • Add ice and stir - don’t shake

  • Garnish with zest of an orange


Extra Sipping Knowledge:

  • Ginger beer is deceivingly named, as most are classified as non-alcoholic, containing around only .5% — similar to kombucha tea.

  • Getting bored with fruit garnishes? If you’ve got some extra cooking time, candied ginger can help take your presentation up a notch.

  • Don’t dismiss the power of drinkware! Make your mocktails even more authentic with some mule mugs.



Think Bellini, just minus the booze. Named for its beauty and sweetness, there’s no better way to do brunch. 


For One Serving:

  • Thaw a bag of frozen peaches and then blend in a blender until they are puréed

  • Add ginger ale to taste

  • Drop in 3-4 fresh blueberries


Extra Sipping Knowledge:

  • If you want to dial back the sweetness, consider using ginger beer instead of ginger ale to add a spicy bite. 

  • Always opt for fresh peaches when they are in season. And don’t forget to peel and pit them before they go into the blender.

  • With this basic format of fruit purée + ginger ale/beer, the options of different flavors and fruit combinations are endless, so get creative!


The Millman Chillman

There’s nothing more refreshing and relaxing than cucumbers. Time to break out the muddle—you’ll be craving this one morning, noon and night.


For One Serving:

  • Muddle cucumber and mint together

  • Combine with ½ cup soda water, 1oz lime juice, a splash of liquid sweetener or ginger ale, ice and stir

  • Garnish with lime or cucumber


Extra Sipping Knowledge:

  • Cucumbers make a great canvas for flavor pairings. Melon. Strawberries. Anything citrus. Basil. Lemongrass. Etc. No fridge is complete without cukes.

  • Why not have a mocktail for dessert? Simply adjusting the sweetness level can turn this from a morning beverage to an after-dinner sweet-tooth-satisfier.

  • On those extra hot summer days, try this in frozen “mocktail-rita” format instead of on the rocks. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to dress up your drinks without alcohol; this list is just the beginning. With a little imagination and perhaps some trial and error, anyone can become a master mocktailer. And if you do enjoy the occasional cocktail, don’t miss these oldies but goodies. Cheers! 


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