Five “Feel-Like-a-Kid-Again” Activities


Whether you’re coloring in a coloring book or free-handing on a blank sheet of paper, this can be a great way to release your inner child. Plus, did you know coloring can also be used to help increase mindfulness and reduce stress? It’s true! Go grab your crayons, markers or colored pencils, and get to making something beautiful inside (or outside) the lines!

Jigsaw Puzzles

From 50 pieces to 5,000 pieces—it doesn’t matter. Puzzles can be fun, and they can offer health benefits, including helping to keep your brain sharp. And the best part about puzzles is that feeling of accomplishment when you place that last piece.

Finger Painting

Childhood can be messy, and there’s no better way to embrace that than with finger painting! It’s tactile, fun and can help you release the inhibitions that sometimes accompany adulthood. But that’s not all. When you engage in something artistic, it can help you lead a healthier, happier life.


Music can have the ability to bring you back to specific times and places in your memories. If you close your eyes, it can almost feel like you’re right there. Add your favorite hits from your childhood to a playlist, and let the music take you back. But nostalgia isn’t the only benefit of music. A study suggests that music therapy may help improve cognition in patients with Alzheimer disease related dementia.

Pillow and Blanket Forts

The most amazing thing about pillow and blanket forts is there’s no right or wrong way to build one. It could be a spot on your bed where you pile pillows all around you to give yourself a hideaway to listen your mixtape, or maybe it’s a sheet over some chairs so you have a cozy nook for knitting. The only requirement for fort construction is to let your imagination run wild.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with connecting to your inner child. Give one, two or all five a try, and see if they help get you reacquainted.

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