9 Hobbies for Seniors Who are Ready for a Fun-Filled Retirement


You might be thinking this is more of a chore than a hobby, but group fitness classes are a great way to explore a wide variety of activities. Try an aqua aerobics class or join a club for cycling, tennis, running or walking. You can make friends who share your interests and even learn to be an instructor.


Reading can be done rain or shine, making it a hobby that can be sustained year-round, in any climate. Join a book club and compare notes in routine social gatherings with your peers. You can also suggest that your book club goes to the theater together to see movies that have been adapted from books. You can discuss the film adaptations compared to the novels. 


Start a cooking club with some friends and try different themes each month to keep it exciting. Perhaps one month is a travel theme, with dishes from countries around the world. Another month could be casserole themed or soup themed, with voting at the end. You could even work your way through a specific cookbook. The options are as flexible as your taste buds want them to be. 

Senior Learning 

Check colleges and universities in your area to see if they offer classes for seniors. Dartmouth, for example, has curriculum on a class-by-class basis (you don’t need to be enrolled as a student to sign up). It’s your chance to take classes in subjects that interest you, like philosophy or psychology. Without having to worry about grades, learning can be a joy.

Model Building

This one may sound like an odd choice, but stick with us. You can build models, such as planes and cities, from your own home and the process can be intellectually stimulating. You’ll learn about researching, planning, cutting, drilling, sculpting, detailing and more. Model building could also reduce stress for introverts

Creating Art

Painting, drawing or making pottery are all examples of art that expresses creativity. You can take classes with a group of peers and then apply your skills when you want to have some fun making art at home. You can also take what you learn and plan art activities with your family. 

Playing Games

Whether you want to have a fun afternoon with a friend, or bring together a group of peers and family members, games are an activity for all. Try board games, puzzles or even social games on your phone. Ellen DeGeneres’ game Heads Up! is a hilarious take on charades — and it costs less than $1 to download.


Find your green thumb by exploring different types of plants. You can learn about seasonal blooms to keep your porch or patio garden looking inviting throughout the year. Potted plants also make great gifts, so you can share the love of your new hobby with neighbors, family members and friends. 


A great way to feel a sense of purpose is to give back to people in need. Volunteer at your local church, food pantry or homeless shelter. Offer to help at events for a local nonprofit or political candidate. Knitting blankets, hats and gloves, helping to distribute meals, or offering your professional skills are all ways to help.

Those are just 10 ideas to get you started, but there are a wide-range of hobbies out there for seniors. Like everything in life, hobbies can be shaped and molded to accommodate your individual needs and interests, so don’t feel boxed in — after all, what better time to take chances than now? 


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