Planning Outdoor Adventures for Seniors

6 Outdoor Activities for Seniors


Try going for a sunset picnic instead of lunch — pink skies provide beautiful backdrops, plus temperatures are often cooler in the evenings. You can also spruce up classic sandwiches to add pizzazz. For example, transform a ham, cheese and mayonnaise sandwich into a ham, fresh mozzarella and pesto gourmet sandwich. 


You can go for a stroll nearly anywhere — from quick walks around the block to longer walks on a trail. Ask a friend to join you and dive into a good conversation, or try out a new podcast. As long as you have a pair of walking shoes, you’re in business.


You don’t need a green thumb to try your hand at potting and planting. Don’t have a yard? Focus on plants that can spruce up a patio or help your community with gardening. You can also offer to help friends and family with their landscaping. Watching your hard work bloom is part of the fun.

Nature Photography

Capture the outdoors through your own creative lens. If you love the art you’re making, you can give your prints to family and friends as gifts. And with the cameras on most cell phones these days, you likely won’t need additional equipment to get started. 

Social Events

Consider hosting your next event outdoors. You can host a dinner party in a garden, or help plan your grandchild’s birthday party. Get creative with decorations. You can transform any outdoor area into a place where guests can mingle in the fresh air.


Getting out on the water is a great way to get some sunshine without having to be too mobile. Find a local tour company in your area and become a tourist in your own city, or rent a boat with a group of friends or family at a nearby lake. Cruise around and feel the breeze. 

Tips to Watch Out For


Don’t be afraid to speak up when you’re feeling tired. Your friends and family will understand, and it’s better to stay healthy than to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Ask for rest stops to be incorporated into the plans ahead of time, so you can count on having breaks.

Slips and Falls

Activities around ice, water, sand and other surfaces could have potential hazards. If you go on a hike, for example, watch for rocks or roots. Wherever you are, take advantage of handrails and wear appropriate shoes to help keep you on your feet.

Being Rushed

Most of us are prone to feeling stressed or anxious when we’re rushed, but you can get ahead of that. Allow plenty of time to enjoy your activity at a pace that’s comfortable to you and/or your group. Being rushed could also lead to other hiccups, such as falls or exhaustion.


Enjoying the outdoors is done best with sunscreen, even in cloudy weather and on cold days. Experts recommend waterproof SPF 50 or higher for outdoor activities, and lotions over sprays for more consistent coverage. 

Getting Too Hot

Heat and humidity can be risky because of aging-related physical changes in the body, chronic health conditions and the effects of taking some medications. Even when temperatures are mild, wearing sun hats and loose-fitting, light-colored clothing can help keep you comfortable.

With a few precautions and wise planning, you can enjoy outdoor activities with your friends and family. Now, let’s get outside.

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