5 Benefits of a Winter Move To Senior Living

Over 3 million people move interstate in the U.S. on average annually, and approximately 60% of those people will move during the summer. That means that you might have an easier transition if you’re not battling other movers, traffic and hot weather in peak moving months. Here are a few reasons to consider a winter move. 

Holiday Time Off

During the winter months, your family may be more available to help you make the move since they are more likely to have time off for the holidays. Instead of tackling a move alone, you can rely on help from your friends and family to make the transition — especially when it comes to assistance packing and cleaning.

Higher Availability for Moving Equipment and Lower Costs

If you find yourself moving during the summer, you could have to pay a whopping 20 to 30% more for moving-related costs, such as renting equipment or trucks and hiring help, since the demand tends to be much higher during this period.

In the winter season, there likely will be less competition for rentals and moving companies. Because there tends to be less demand, you may be able to avoid dealing with the influx of other people snatching up materials last minute, and you may be more likely to experience a little extra TLC from moving crews since they have fewer customers to serve.

Faster Relocation

With colder weather, highways may be less jam-packed compared to the summer, when people may be more likely to be on the road traveling for vacation. Choosing to drive during the summer can actually lead to 20% more miles driven compared to driving in the winter months. 

Less congestion will not only help reduce the stress of traffic, but can also make it a lot faster to reach your final destination — and fewer hours on the road could mean that your items experience less jostling and potential for breakage.

Cooler Weather

One of the natural benefits of moving in the winter is a no-brainer — cooler moving weather! This is especially advantageous for loading and unloading boxes, where you can run the risk of heat exhaustion in hot temperatures. 

Additionally, the winter weather can help prevent your possessions from overheating. In the winter, you may be able to move without rushing knowing that your candles, electronics, records, and soaps won’t be at a heightened risk of melting due to hot temperatures.

Settling Into a New Home

The winter weather might deter you from exploring outdoors, so the season is a great time to acclimate to a new home. You’ll have plenty of time to unpack, decorate and meet other residents. During this time, you can transform your space from a place to live into a home you love.

Have Some Stuff To Get Rid Of?

If you start moving and find that you have a couple of things you’d like to re-home, check out our tips for selling your stuff online. Have more than a couple of things to get rid of? You may want to consider holding an estate sale for a fast and easy downsizing method. 

Interested in taking the next step in moving to a senior living community? Reach out to Brookdale to plan your visit today.

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