Four Reasons to Try the Mediterranean Diet

2.     Cardiovascular Function

You may already be exercising, but did you know subscribing to the Mediterranean diet could help keep your heart healthy too? According to the American Journal of Medicine, the benefits offered by the Mediterranean diet rival those associated with standard tools used to combat cardiovascular disease (e.g. aspirin, beta-blockers, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and exercise). This makes the Mediterranean diet one of the more evidence-based and best-studied dietary means of reducing cardiovascular disease.

For an extra boost, incorporate olive oil in your diet. Studies suggest that a Mediterranean diet supplemented with olive oil can help reduce the incidence of major cardiovascular events even further.

3.     Sleep Quality

It’s easy to grasp the importance of a good night’s sleep — especially the day after you’ve tossed and turned all night long. But did you know that poor sleep quality can be associated with cognitive decline and dementia? “If someone does not get enough sleep on a regular basis, they can be at a higher risk for health problems,” Sara says.

Fortunately, the Mediterranean diet may help. In a study of 1,936 adults, a total of 1,314 adults — 67.9% — reported that they slept better at night while adhering to the Mediterranean diet. The potential benefits for older adults may be even greater. One study of 1,596 adults of at least 60 years of age showed that high adherence to the Mediterranean diet may help a senior get two or more additional hours of sleep per night.

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