5 Online Word Games to Help Seniors Stay Connected

When You Don’t Have Much Time but Love a Challenge

Wondering what those green and yellow blocks are on everyone’s updated statuses? It’s a game that can simultaneously stump both beginner and savvy, called Wordle. Wordle debuted this past year and took much of the world by storm. Seemingly overnight, it became an internet sensation that was quickly bought by the New York Times. With 5 empty spaces to guess a word or letter, it’s an excellent test of your vocabulary. The catch: there are only six chances to guess the correct word. The game can be accessed for free through the New York Times or by downloading the Wordle app on your phone, with one new word released each day. See who can guess today’s word in the fewest tries!

If Wordle is “too easy” and you’re looking for an even greater challenge, you can try Quordle. Like Wordle, it gives you empty boxes to fill in a word. The catch — players must guess four words at once. 

Looking to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge? Go Head-to-Head on Words with Friends

To try to impress others with your wide range of vocabulary, Words with Friends allows players to create words alongside family and friends from anywhere, if they have downloaded the app. Words with Friends has no word limit, so players can battle it out all day long! Can you guess the most quizzical word or will your opponent have an even better suggestion? 

Say Hello to Crossword’s Cooler Younger Brother

If crossword puzzles were born in the 21st century, they might be like Lexigo. Lexigo typically provides a honeycomb of letters, with one hint as to what the word might be. Much like the traditional crossword, the letters must connect. This means, if the player thinks they know the missing word but none of the letters match the previous letter, then they have to start over and guess again. It is often a combination of frustration and fun, because no matter how difficult it may be, the joy of guessing correctly keeps almost everyone going for another round. The game is timed, so players can compare their time with others to see who wins!

Put Your Vocabulary to the Test With Merriam-Webster 

Dictionary publisher, Merriam-Webster offers up a challenge with its game How Strong is Your Vocabulary? Players may think they know all there is to know about synonyms and antonyms, but what happens when those beliefs are challenged? This game provides 10 seconds to click the synonym of a given word. It can be highly addictive, and the good news is that there are a plethora of word games available for free through the Merriam-Webster website! Why stop with just synonyms? 

Break Down Vocabulary Walls with SpellTower

Didn’t think Tetris could get any better? Then you likely haven’t tried SpellTower. When playing this online game, players will be given a wall of blocks filled with letters. From these blocks, they will need to create words. These words will then disappear, keeping the wall from building up even higher. There are multiple difficulty levels and puzzle modes, giving several different options to keep climbing higher in the game. They also have a mode which allows a player to play against others playing the game! 

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