Create a New Year Vision Board With Your Grandkids

What Is a Vision Board?

Vision boards are collages of images and words that represent a person’s goals or intentions they’d like to accomplish within a certain time frame. They can also be a creative way to organize your New Year’s resolutions — and get crafty with the kids.

By making vision boarding a yearly tradition with the grandkids, you can get to know their dreams and goals and witness their growth each year. Plus, setting goals together can also help hold you accountable to sticking to them!

A vision board is customizable to any goal you can dream up. Maybe you want to write letters to friends each month, host a weekly dinner party or do regular exercises so you can hike your favorite trail. Your grandkids may want to get better grades or train to make it on their favorite sports team.

Why Use a Vision Board To Set Goals?

There are a few reasons making a vision board with your grandkids works well for helping to setting goals and intentions:

  • Setting goals with others may bring you closer together.
  • When others know about your intentions for the year, they can help you to keep your resolutions (and vice versa).
  • By making a vision board with your grandkids, you can be a role model for goal-setting.
  • When displayed in your home, a vision board serves as a visual reminder to work toward your goals each day.

How to Make a Vision Board

First, you’ll want to decide on your goals and intentions for the year. It can help to write a list of the things you’d like to accomplish, then narrow them down to the ones most important to you. You and your grandkids can brainstorm these goals together.

Once you’ve set your goals, it’s time to get supplies. Here are a few items you may wantneed to make a vision board:

  • A poster board, journal, or cork board
  • Magazines for collage photos
  • A printer for printing inspirational photos
  • Scissors for cutting out pictures
  • Glue for pasting them down
  • Markers, crayons, stickers or glitter for decorating

Next, design and build your board. You can focus your board on just one goal, or you can create a vision board with several goals you’d like to accomplish throughout the year. There’s no wrong way to create a vision board!

Get creative by cutting out magazine clippings that reflect your resolution. For example, you can choose an image of a bicycle to represent exercise, or glue down a picture of a library to symbolize catching up on bestsellers. Colored markers are a fun way to write out the details of your goals, whether it’s a timeline throughout the year or a minimum number of letters you’re going to write.

Don’t be afraid to use stickers, glitter and everything in between. You’ll want your board to excite you each day.

Display Your Board

When finished with your creations, find a way to display the board so you can see it regularly. Maybe it is in your closet, next to a mirror where you get ready for the day or on the wall where you make your morning tea. You can hang it with command strips or glue a frame to the sides. Your grandkids may want to take their board home so they can see it every day. Or, you can hang them side by side and keep track of your progress together when they come over for a visit.

Wherever you hang your vision board, it should serve as daily inspiration to keep moving toward your goals and intentions.

Keep the Tradition Going

If you find creating your New Year vision boards a success, invite your grandkids to repeat the craft next year. Keep your boards for comparisons to see how far you’ve come throughout the years. As your grandkids grow in age, you can offer new insight each year into their goals and bond with them through this meaningful tradition.

Looking for more ways to connect with your grandkids? Check out our blog post about staying close to your teenage loved ones.

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