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Tips for Dealing with Caregiver Frustration

Juliet Holt Klinger January 23, 2017

Caregiving at home for a person living with dementia evokes many emotions, and there’s no question that frustration is one of them. I know sometimes it may seem as if ... Read more

Transitioning your Parents into Senior Living

Kim Estes January 16, 2017

When my kids were 10 and 13, we moved from a small Kentucky town to Indiana. I had a great job opportunity, but was nervous about uprooting my kid’s lives. ... Read more

7 Secrets to Paying for Senior Living

Brookdale Senior Living January 15, 2017

Choosing the right senior living community to call home is an important decision. Although it’s difficult to put a price on outstanding care, we understand that cost can be a ... Read more

Weighing Costs: Your House Versus a Senior Living Community

Brookdale Senior Living January 15, 2017

When you compare the cost of living at home to the cost of a senior living community, making the switch may be more affordable than you think. As you consider your ... Read more

The Cost of Caregiving

Juliet Holt Klinger January 09, 2017

A friend of mine recently confided in me about her concerns with her mother’s dementia and how full-time caregiving was affecting her life. She was overwhelmed, the time, energy and ... Read more

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