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My Autobiography Part 6 - Some More Interesting Parts of the Block's Life

Bernie Block November 30, 2016

*** TRAVEL & A FEW TRAVEL TALES:       ~~ My wife and I loved to travel. For ten years I worked with a travel publication so we got to see many countries, and states in the U.S, especially the Federal Parks--all of which are "Must See" places to visi... Read more

A Reflection on New Relationships

Juliet Holt Klinger November 28, 2016

As the number of individuals and families affected by dementia soars, more issues related to it are coming to public attention than ever before. One that has started to emerge in recent years is among the most sensitive: personal stories of spouses a... Read more


Virginia Wylie November 26, 2016

PEARL   You’re my dear little neighbor And I met you at your own front door Struggling with your keys and lock  I thought you’d run amok But all that commotion Was sheer determination “I’ll open this door if it takes all night!” It didn’t.  The door ... Read more


Betty Ago November 25, 2016

Frequently someone asks, “Do you have any vacation plans?” I usually disappoint them with a simple “No”. Sometimes the questioners are disappointed, other times they are relieved that they are not the only ones without such plans.  My husband and I r... Read more

An Autobiography (Part 5): Interesting Things I Remember From My Life

Bernie Block November 23, 2016

(Chronologically in Order of Occurrence) 1924: BORN: Halloween Eve, October 31, 1924 1927: At age seven I entered the hospital and had my appendix removed. Received my first stuffed dog (named Teddy--very important!). 1932-1934: Served as a guide wor... Read more

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