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Passion & Purpose July 30, 2020

This 88-Year-Old Comedian is the Grandma Everyone Wants

Natalie Levant is a lot more than what people expect an 88-year-old to be -- and she likes it that way.

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Low Vision: Impact and Interventions

New technologies and innovative intervention strategies are helping older people with various forms of low vision to adapt and overcome those challenges and are enabling them to lead more enjoyable and independent lives.

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Passion & Purpose July 23, 2020

Organization Inspirations

Learn the tips you need to organize your space.

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Reflections on Silver Linings

Considering the positives in a pandemic is counterintuitive at best, but there truly are things to share that are worthy of discussion.

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Trending Now July 20, 2020

TV Streaming Simplified: Why It Might Be a Better Option for Seniors

TV streaming is a great way to cut costs but with so many options, which one is right for you? Here's a rundown of the most popular streaming platforms and their benefits.

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