Making Seniors Appy: 10 Applications Seniors Love

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Millennials, Gen Z and whatever we’re calling the newest wave of adolescents all have one thing in common: they’re obsessed with their little handheld screens. And while most companies are directing their advertising bucks towards these younger generations, there’s a whole market for seniors who love their gadgets just as much, if not more.   

Whether it’s connecting with family members, learning something new, staying entertained or staying healthy, there are apps out there that can make life so much easier — and fun.

Check out helpful applications seniors can use on a daily basis:


1. FaceTime

This wonderful app helps you have family visits anywhere and at any time. Most iPhones have this app built in, but if you have an Android you can download something similar like Google Duo, Google Hangouts, Skype and WhatsApp. And once you do, your favorite people’s faces are just a phone call away.

The video interaction is great for family members or friends who live far away or just want to chat face-to-face.


2. Goodreads

If you’re a reader, which you are because you’re reading this, then get ready to add more than 1 billion books to your own personal library. This application lets you peruse a vast number of titles and choose from bestsellers and award winners alike. And with user reviews, you can see what people are saying about the book before you download.

You can even obtain a large number of classics for free. Yes. Free.  


3. Duolingo

It’s never too late to educate yourself. This app is perfect for those who never got a chance to learn a foreign language or want to add another to their repertoire. The easy, intuitive platform makes learning languages fun and entertaining. Through enjoyable learning stages, you can evaluate your progress and play games that test your ability.

If you want to learn French, Danish or virtually every other language in existence, download Duolingo.  


4. Lumosity

This game-based app is designed to sharpen one’s mind. Through only three quick games a day, you can improve memory, focus and problem-solving skills all at once. With different categories, you can see where your strengths lie and where you need some practice.

It may not feel like you’re learning anything because of the enjoyable gameplay, but your brain will be working overtime.


5. Good News Network

How often do you say, “I don’t like the news; it’s all too bleak?” If it’s a lot then this app was made just for you. Instead of bombarding your senses with everything that’s wrong with the world, it does the exact opposite.

There’s a lot of good news out there, and if you’re an optimistic person, this app will have everything you need to stay positive.


6. Pillboxie

You sometimes forget to take your meds on time. Everyone does it. No need to feel bad about it — just get Pillboxie. It’s the app that reminds you what pills you need to take and when to take them. It’s especially great for those who are always on the run and those who just need an extra nudge to stay on schedule.

Don’t forget your medication again with this handheld reminder.


7. Calm

Sometimes we forget to breathe. Not completely, obviously, but at times we forget to devote part of our day to take deep, calming breaths. This app helps us do that. With guided meditations, soothing music and daily prompts, you can easily develop a daily routine of zen.

Daily meditation improves one’s mental and physical health drastically. Get Calm, so you can be, well, calm.


8. Spotify

Do you want access to all of your favorite music? For free? Spotify is an incredible app that has an expansive library of music you can access directly from a phone, tablet or computer. It helps you find music that you maybe once loved but haven’t been able to find. It picks out playlists to match your musical taste. And it even has playlists you can listen to depending on your mood.

Spotify is like a jukebox, but inside your phone, with a whole lot more music to choose from.


9. Netflix

Like Spotify but for movies, it may not have every movie, but algorithms are in place to suggest certain films they know you’ll love. There’s a wide variety of movies to choose from and a catalog under every genre. You can watch them from anywhere and on almost any device.

Netflix has a low monthly cost, but if you’re a movie buff, it’s well worth it.


10. Facebook

Long lost friends, chatting with family, posting and watching videos, these are some of the things you can do with Facebook. Since almost everyone you know has a Facebook account, you can easily find them with a few taps and a click. Not only that, you can share interesting news articles, funny videos or just let people know how you’re doing.

Facebook is a digital hub open to practically anyone, and it’s a great way to connect with people you haven’t seen in years.


Our residents are tech-savvy, to say the least, and with these innovative apps, they’re able to live their best life with a few taps of a finger. Go show those junior generations who’s who and get today’s technology working for you. Ready, set, download.

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