6 Seniors Who Made a Splash on TikTok

There are millions of user accounts to search through, and a great way to find accounts to follow is to type in your interests on TikTok’s “Discover” page. But in the meantime, if you’re new to TikTok or just looking for some fresh accounts to follow, check out these six seniors who have been racking in the views for the original, creative and fun content.

1.      @ourfilipinograndma

This is a fun account started by “Mama” and her grandson, Jeffrey, at the start of the pandemic as a way to spend some quality time together. Now, they entertain their 1.2 million loyal TikTok followers by dancing in the kitchen, showing off their travels, making silly videos and representing the Filipino culture.

"What started off as a way for my grandma and I to spend some quality time together during the pandemic turned into something much greater and much bigger than we could have ever imagined,” Jeffrey says. “Not only are we spreading love and positive energy into the universe but we are able to represent a community that has always struggled to be heard. We are proud to be. Now that we’re always filming, Mama said that she’s inspired to stay strong and healthy.”

And per “Mama,” who is having a blast on the platform and has become a newfound viral star: “It’s never too late to chase your dreams!”

2.      @brunchwithbabs

A grandmother of 8, Babs uses her TikTok to share cookie-making tutorials, tips for packaging holiday leftovers, tricks for getting pieces of cork out of your wine bottle, as well as recipes for her mojito watermelon salad and classic Italian pizza sauce. She has an affinity for cooking, meal prepping and having fun. Bab’s followers come to her page to learn how to make everything from S’mores and banana boats to pretzel salad, an American flag cake and ice cream blueberry muffins. She has tips for keeping your herbs fresh, weeds out of your garden and more.

"TikTok has been such a blessing for our family,” she shares. “I’m 72 years old so I had never been on social media before I started on TikTok, but my daughter and I opened the account during quarantine to share recipes and ultimately create a community for those that were away from their own families.” Between her many grandchildren and her daughter, she has her Brunch with Babs content covered. “From being on my channel, to helping shoot, helping with PR, helping edit videos, and coming up with creative ideas, it’s a family-run account,” she says.

3.     @grandmagreat

If you’re looking for a dose of positivity, look no further! Grandma Great aims to put a smile on your face. She fills her account with silly jokes and heartwarming advice and reminds her followers that it’s OK if they are having a hard day and that they “can do hard things.” She reminds her followers to have faith, be grateful and be patient, as well as to keep working towards their goals.

Her pep talks feature the inspiration to keep moving forward, even in the face of a bad day, with speeches like: “You’ll get there. It may not happen today. It may not happen tomorrow. The important thing is you are trying and know that you can get back to that good place. We all have tears but in a way tears cleanse the soul. Just keep trying. Try to stay positive. Go have your good days. Have your bad days and you will find yourself back in the light.”

Her husband also makes cameos on her page, often to laugh at her jokes and to talk about the things that make a good relationship. If you’re looking for a feel-good senior to follow, this is your gal!

4.     @erikarischko

Need some fitness inspiration? Erika Rischko has you covered. This 82-year-old uses her TikTok page to show off her impressive fitness routine. She does everything from walking planks (and lots of impressive planks in general!) to sled pulls, leg raises, squats and crunches. And by the looks of it, she never forgets to stretch! Erika also teams up with her husband for some adorably choreographed dance routines. She’s in great shape, she’s super vibrant and always has a smile on her face. No matter what your age is, you can’t watch her videos without feeling the inspiration to lift some weights, go for a quick walk or even just put on some music in your home and dance along.

5.     @pete_from_the_street

Pete, 84, is all about family and loves to share everything from videos of his grandkids dancing to them attempting to cheer him up by showing off their handstand skills. He likes to fry turkeys with his family on Thanksgiving, make funny videos with his granddaughter and do hilarious dances, all while maintaining his signature very straight face. He always gives advice about the importance of listening to your grandparents, how practice makes perfect and tells stories from his childhood. He asks questions of his audience like “What’s your favorite holiday song?” and also talks about his favorite hobbies. You may even catch him wearing t-shirts that say “Pete From the Street,” petting his cat and being candid about how he’s feeling. It’s never a dull moment on his page!

6.     @msgrandmasgarden

If you’re a nature buff, you’ll love Ms. Grandma’s Garden. She’ll show you how she grows everything from squash to tomatoes and beyond. You’ll accompany her to the garden shop as she picks up some new plants. She’ll teach you the difference between a summer and winter garden and show off what types of produce she grows in each. She also gives tutorials on how to pickle peppers, make her homemade banana bread and dishes like collard greens. You’ll see her shopping for salsa ingredients at her local farmer’s market, how she turns tomatoes into fried green tomatoes and her beautiful succulent plants. She has an amazing backyard garden spread and grows her plants in everything from buckets to planters and directly in the ground. If you have a green thumb, this is the account for you!

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