The Latest Tech Innovations for Seniors

CES 2023 featured some seriously cool gadgets aimed at making life easier, safer and more entertaining. And amidst the ridiculously large TVs, color-changing cars and cutting boards with built-in TVs, there was a host of innovative tech devices that have the potential to really improve the lives of our aging population. Here are a few of our faves.

Nest Oral Care

Nest Oral Care [ECS1] has introduced an innovative solution that was named a CES Innovation Award Honoree for 2023, designed to help elderly and disabled individuals maintain their oral hygiene with greater ease. The built-in toothpaste dispensing technology allows users to brush their teeth with just a touch of a button, using only one hand. Both manual and electric toothbrush versions are available, with magnetic stands for easy storage.

Why this matters for seniors: Taking care of one's oral hygiene can be a struggle for elderly and disabled individuals who find it difficult to hold a toothbrush and apply toothpaste. This can lead to a decline in oral hygiene, which may result in dental plaque, gum inflammation, tooth decay and a deterioration of overall health.


HAPTA is a handheld smart makeup applicator from L’Oréal and its Lancôme brand that aims to allow users with hand tremors to more easily apply mascara or lipstick. The stabilizing handle contains motion sensors and an onboard computer that distinguishes intended hand movements from unwanted tremors, then directs two motors to counteract the tremors and stabilize the tool, allowing for a more accurate application of makeup.

Why this matters for seniors: Getting ready for an evening out or some other special occasion isn’t just for teenagers! The ability to beautify and engage in a little self-care should be open to everyone, and having a little more control over your appearance could do wonders for confidence and feelings of independence. Plus, the applications for this tech may apply beyond a “fierce and fabulous” beauty routine. A tool with the potential to mitigate hand tremors could potentially help to restore function in many practical areas of day-to-day life.


One of the honorees of the CES 2023 Innovation Award, the accurately named Bedsore-M from BlissTech is a bedsore management device. Bedsore-M uses machine vision combined with AI technology to track a patient's lying posture, all to help manage bedsore prevention. The device analyzes lying posture and location data through its machine vision camera, as well as piezoelectric sensors that operate with 98% accuracy, according to South Korean AI healthcare device company BlissTech. The device may offer a more cost-effective solution for bedsore (or pressure ulcer) treatment, providing machine-learned pressure ulcer analysis and customized anti-aging skin and sleeping posture solutions.

Why this matters to seniors: Bedsores/ pressure ulcers are a common problem for individuals who are confined to a bed or spend a lot of time sitting, including many seniors. Automating the process of preventing bedsores could be beneficial to help seniors maintain their comfort and health.

Kalogon Orbiter

Kalogon’s Orbiter smart cushion is a wheelchair cushion that is designed to help prevent pressure injuries by using intelligent redistribution technology to prevent any one part of the body from being compressed for too long. The cushion monitors pressure changes within air cells and adapts to the user's defined preferences in real time via an iOS or Android app. In the app, the user can update their seating profile and define areas that require additional pressure relief or added firmness.

Why this matters for seniors: As we mentioned above with the Bedsore-M device, preventing pressure ulcers goes a long way toward promoting senior health and comfort. For seniors who aren’t bedbound but often use a wheelchair to get around, this customizable pressure-ulcer prevention device could be a game changer.

Samsung Relumino

The existing Relumino app that you install on a smartphone is a visual aid designed to help individuals with low vision by connecting their smartphone to a VR device that augments the world around them. The app uses Samsung-developed AI to dynamically outline edges and rebalance colors, making it easier for people with low vision to enjoy TV shows, movies and games. In addition to the regular mode, Relumino also has a Color Invert Mode that inverts the color and displays it in high contrast to make reading text easier. The app includes features such as zoom in/out, screenshot, and blur reduction. At CES 2023, Samsung presented its updated “Relumino Mode,” which will be incorporated in some of Samsung’s forthcoming smart television products to further help people with low vision or vision impairment to see TV content more clearly.

Why this matters for seniors: For people who experience a decline in vision as they age, this tech can help them maintain their independence and continue to enjoy engaging with television or their other favorite activities. It’s an exciting take on how virtual or augmented reality can make people’s lives better in the real world.


The XanderGlasses website declares, “Everyone should come with subtitles!” We love that! The company’s main product — XanderGlasses, powered by Vuzix — uses augmented reality (AR) technology to enhance communication for people affected by hearing loss. How does it do this? These smart glasses display real-time captions of what other people are saying, providing a transcript of conversations in a generally unobtrusive manner. This technology aims to address, in a cool, modern way, the frustration and isolation that can result from the effort of straining to understand others in conversation.

Why this matters for seniors: Seniors affected by hearing loss can sometimes find themselves struggling to socialize because they have difficulty following conversations, even with the use of hearing aids. Smart glasses that enable them to engage more fully with their world could potentially help reduce feelings of isolation and increase the quality of their personal interactions. What’s not to like about that?

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