Eating Well Is a Part of Living Well

Eating “socially” has a powerful effect on increasing food intake. Studies found that those eating with others ate up to 48% more food than solo diners.1

Some studies have correlated eating alone with poorer dining habits than eating socially.2

Taking food and friendship seriously

Brookdale’s Dining Center of Excellence comprises many programs and approaches with the common goal of producing nutrient-rich meals for all residents. But nutrition, well-being and social connectedness are inextricably intertwined. That’s why we create dining options that address dietary requirements of most seniors and honor resident preference whenever possible, while cultivating an environment built on fostering a sense of connectedness.

The National Academy of Medicine found that 80-90% of the contributors to healthy medical outcomes could potentially be attributed to social factors.3

70% of senior living prospects are willing or would prefer to eat a meal with new acquaintances rather than alone.4

59% of prospects who self-reported their health to be “good to excellent” also agreed they were a “people-person.”4

In addition to providing a safer living environment, transportation, access to care and nutritious food, Brookdale leverages our decades of expertise in senior care to help residents achieve well-being through nutritious, delicious meals and engaging opportunities to make social connections. And we actively work to partner with external clinical providers that synergize medical and lifestyle approaches that can potentially create better health outcomes.

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