How to Foster Community Among Your Senior Patients

Loneliness is a heartbreaking reality for many senior adults. You can foster your patient’s continued health and well-being by encouraging them to seek out intentional living and connection with others in a community environment. Communities like Brookdale understand the critical role socialization plays in improving quality of life in senior adults.

Socialization in some senior living communities may be limited to large, facilitated group activities on a monthly calendar—commonly misunderstood in the industry as “purposeful living.” But at Brookdale, your patient will find a nurturing environment that builds friendships with residents and seeks to understand their individual aspirations and desires.

We help residents stay connected through group outings, as well as activities for connection with friends and family. We provide fitness classes, art workshops, clubs and devotional services to both engage and enrich our residents’ lives. It’s a community that fosters purposeful enrichment with oneself and others who have similar interests.

Whether it’s through engaging in a group activity, fostering an intentional individual pursuit or meeting a new best friend, help your patient find true community at Brookdale.

We’ve thought through how to discuss your patient’s options for better health and wellness. Download our Conversation Guide today.

You can find friendship for your patient at Brookdale.

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Find a Brookdale Community Near You