Four Tips for Living Well with Lewy Body Dementia

Robert Bowles October 28, 2017

Editor’s Note: October is Lewy Body Disease Awareness Month. To better understand this complex and often misdiagnosed disease, we asked someone living with LBD to share his perspective as well ... Read more

How Cultural Values Impact Caregiving

Lori Hill October 27, 2017

Caregiving is a role that spans across every population including religion and ethnicity. However the differences in caring for a loved one, especially culturally, often vary and may include traditions ... Read more

Brookdale Salutes our Veterans: Sacrificing Sport for Service

Brookdale Senior Living October 23, 2017

Some might say that Korean War veteran Ned Dewey, who resides at Brookdale Victoria in Texas, is a glutton for punishment when they learn that the 89-year-old played hockey until ... Read more

Why Staying Socially Active as You Age Is Good for Your Health

Kim Estes October 16, 2017

Although loneliness may not seem like a significant issue, lack of social contact can have a seriously detrimental effect on the emotional and physical health of older adults, who are ... Read more

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