Brookdale Blogs

The Benefits of Connecting Across Generations

Brookdale Senior Living November 26, 2018

There’s a saying that goes “old people are just young people who’ve been living a long time.” It’s no surprise then how well the two groups connect when given the ... Read more

The Power of Giving Back with Resident Susan Wellnitz

Brookdale Senior Living November 07, 2018

Volunteering is making waves among Brookdale communities. When Resident Program Coordinator Katherin Nelson came up with the idea to create homemade dog biscuits for two local animal shelters, Brookdale resident ... Read more

Ask the Expert: The Benefits of Meaningful Relationships in Seniors

Brookdale Senior Living November 01, 2018

Charles Richardson explains how staying connected to friends, family and the community can have a positive impact on seniors — and how being isolated can be detrimental to their health! Read more