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Resident Blogs are written by real residents - writers, bloggers and poets - who live in Brookdale communities. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Brookdale Senior Living.

Computers - Love Them or Hate Them Or I Really Don't Care!

Bernie Block March 22, 2017

With over 50 percent of seniors now using a computer, this market finally crossed that magic percentage mark. I've owned and used one since 1975, or for 42 years. When I bought-leased my first one, it was more than $10,000 for a keyboard, cpu, and pr... Read more

My Kite

Virginia Wylie March 18, 2017

A child I was I dared to want But did not need That big red kite On the grocer’s wall. I wanted that kite With all my might But “money is tight” My parents’ said,  I bowed my head. “You’ll have no kite store-bought You’ll make one as you ought You ju... Read more


Betty Ago March 17, 2017

Golden cornbread fresh from the oven looks beautiful and smells even better.  A quiet bitter cold afternoon provides the perfect environment to bake. I seldom need to cook or bake. Therefore, when the spirit arises it is for pure pleasure. The baking... Read more

The Status of the Future of Health and Mobile Tech

Bernie Block March 15, 2017

Here is some updated news for this important market--Predicted, and Are They There Yet? It was reported by the California Health Care Foundation that the Mobile Health App Market in 2015 would reach $23 billion; a study by the U of Michigan said this... Read more

Sir Leprechaun

Virginia Wylie March 11, 2017

An old and grizzled Leprechaun Still thought he was Don Juan When e’er he spied a pretty lass He couldn’t help but make a pass Lassies would be his friends, no more The flow of time they’d not ignore. Then one lass took him home with her “I’ve just t... Read more

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