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Senior Living 101 December 19, 2019

Five Surprising Facts About Senior Living

Today's assisted living communities are not the "old folks' homes" you may remember. Learn five facts about senior living that clear up many misconceptions or assisted living.

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Senior Living 101 December 13, 2019

Is Hospice Care Right for You or Your Loved One?

When facing life-limiting illness, decisions about care are some of the most important ones we make. Hospice care is no exception.

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Senior Living 101 October 07, 2019

Making the Transition to Senior Living

When Judy's father, Al, fell and fractured his hip, they both knew they had some hard decisions to make. Judy recounts her experience transitioning her father to senior living.

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Senior Living 101 August 28, 2019

Five Classic Cocktails that Were (Almost) Forgotten

Invite a few friends, bust out the shaker and cool off with a refreshing blast from the past. Check out these recipes for classic cocktail drinks you can make right in your own home.

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Senior Living 101 August 06, 2019

Miniature Gardens Bring the Great Outdoors In

Fortunately, miniature gardens can bring greenspace into your home — whether you’re aging in place or living it up at a senior community. Read on to find out how you can still enjoy your favorite hobby and bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside.

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