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Trending Now March 22, 2018

How Virtual Assistants and Voice Technology Are Revolutionizing Aging

With recent advancements in speech recognition and big-data storage, the world is moving beyond smartphones. Virtual assistants are animating homes and cars, the workplace and even senior living.

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Trending Now October 11, 2017

Tech Tips: Facebook Etiquette

Read about how seniors are using Facebook to reconnect with old friends and keep in touch with loved ones who live far away.

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Trending Now March 01, 2017

Tech it to the Limit

Take a closer look at how technology can help seniors connect with others and build stronger social circles.

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The Circle of Enriching Lives

There is nothing I love more than working to enrich the lives of our seniors. I try to base my decisions on what I know from my past experience working in a Brookdale community. Such was the case with the decision to put iPads into the hands of our residents.

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