The Art of Downsizing: 5 Ways to Personalize Your New Apartment

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When you move, you are presented with an opportunity to expand your horizons, meet new people and make your space special. You are free to reinvent yourself. There’s that old cliché “home is where the heart is," but the truth is, home is where you can be the most comfortable and happy.

Great interior design makes for a better atmosphere and a higher quality of life. It can shift your entire perspective and change the alien into something familiar, something that has you written all over it. That’s why we are providing you with some simple ways to make your new home feel extra homey.



There’s no need to dispose of your favorite furniture. That chair or couch that’s been with you through hundreds of books, magazines and TV shows doesn’t necessarily have to go, especially if it pops and ads visual value to your room. Doing this not only personalizes your space, it also gives you a sense of home that might not be achieved through an Ikea purchase.

As a general rule, salvaging old furniture saves money and brings along warmth and hominess. Taking your most cherished decor while weeding out all of the broken mugs or any half-sculpted pottery you found at a flea market might be the right way to go. The process of prioritization is fun and can relieve stress. Simplifying can cleanse the soul, remove clutter and make your new apartment a cozy place to recharge.


Store the Extra

If you’re downsizing, storage becomes exponentially more important. It’s an artform finding places for your stuff to go, but there are plenty of sneaky methods to stow your belongings and compliment your apartment at the same time. And this way you don’t have to leave behind any of your favorite things.

It’s ideal to find furniture that doubles as storage. Ottomans that open up, television stands with extra drawers, hideaway beds or couches and dressers as nightstands can all expand your space. But there are many ways to unlock your apartment’s full potential. Clutter is nobody’s friend. Getting creative with your storage is a fun way to get settled. And if done right, you’ll have easy access to every throw blanket, pair of shoes and article of clothing your heart desires.


Get Colorful with It

It has been proven that color has a direct correlation to one’s mood. And each color affects every individual differently. Whether you are painting, picking out wallpaper or decorating, your personality will shine through the colors you use. So, while you are deciding on your palette, keep in mind that each color holds its very own super power.

  • Green promotes tranquility and health.
  • Blue is a color that inspires productivity.
  • Yellow enhances your mood and gives you energy.
  • Lavender helps you breathe easy.
  • Red makes you feel powerful — and hungry.

You can’t always paint your room, so a great way to decorate white or plain walls is to make sure you have things that bring a pop of color. Pick a colorful piece of furniture, put up some art and add little decorations that brighten the space. You can also buy flowers or plants, along with anything else that brings life and personality. And be careful not to get too matchy. Too much beige makes for a bland room.  


Have A Space for Guests

You don’t need a mansion to keep up your hospitable habits. No matter how small your apartment, you can always have a living space that is both inviting and conducive to friendly conversation. Creating a place to drink tea and talk is as simple as positioning two chairs toward each other and using an ottoman as a coffee table. You can repurpose an antique tray to put on top of the ottoman so that you have a place to set drinks and snacks. Just make sure there is a comfortable area for at least two people to sit and talk. It also helps to have games like chess, cards or dominoes readily available to bring out at a moment’s notice.


Lighten Up

One more way to make your space cheerier is to get proper lighting. Do this by replacing blinds with curtains for more natural light. And you should change out all fluorescent bulbs with energy-efficient incandescent light bulbs. Fluorescent light can be harsh and unpleasant.

Another thing you can do is bring in several types of lamps, and place them throughout your apartment, that way you can regulate the amount and type of light you have.


Happy Home, Happy Life

Decorating and organizing can be delightful, even therapeutic. Just keep in mind that this is your home — a place you can take pride in and enjoy. Treat it like a piece of you, and apply your own style, personality and creative touch. And after you get it to your liking, get comfortable and relax. Because you deserve a fresh start, comfort and a well-designed, happy place to call home.

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