5 At-Home Hobbies You Can Start During Social Distancing

Take Up Birdwatching

Spring’s warmer weather and fresh blooms create the perfect environment for birds to come out and say hello. That means it’s the perfect time to take up birdwatching. If you’ve got a porch, a deck or a tree-facing window, it won’t be hard to spot a few colorful birds flying around and building their spring nests. There are even online birdwatching communities like Birding Buddies you can join to share your findings and connect with other folks who “bird.” If you don’t live near nature, there are also bird streams online that you can watch to catch a glimpse of nature’s feathered entertainers. Read more about birdwatching here


Get Into Podcasts

Podcasts are a new method of storytelling that has roots in old-time radio broadcast shows. Much like their predecessors, podcasts aim to highlight unique stories with engaging hosts who make them worth listening to. There are podcasts on almost every topic you can think of — mysteries, history, politics, art, comedy, film — the list goes on. The best thing about podcasts is that you can listen at your leisure, so there’s no need to gather around the radio to catch it live. Find them on your preferred streaming platform and tune in while you do chores around the house, cook dinner or even while relaxing on the couch. For more on podcasts, here’s a list of some of our favorites


Listen to Music

Studies show that music can help increase wellness, reduce stress and improve brain function — all things that are especially important at this time[1] . While you’re at home, take the opportunity to rediscover some of your favorite old records or introduce yourself to some of the latest hits. There are plenty of music streaming platforms that have curated playlists just for your taste. For an added mood booster, sing along and have a little dance party while listening to some groovy tunes. Learn more about how music can be beneficial to health here.


Get Social with Social Media

You might not think it’d be easy to stay socially connected while social distancing, but with the internet, it’s easier than you might think. With social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, you can share moments of your day and see what your family and friends are up to without ever leaving your home. It’s also a great way to take a peek into the lives of interesting people you may not know in real life. Celebrities, artists, storytellers and internet personalities make it fun to follow along on social media. Who knows, you might even become a social media star yourself. Want to get started on social media? Read this blog post to find out how.


Discover New Apps

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you have an endless world of apps at your fingertips. Apps, or applications, are programs that allow you to do almost anything from your smart gadget. Want to learn a new language? There’s an app for that. Want to find out how to make the perfect Mediterranean dish? There’s an app for that. Want to do a word puzzle? There’s an app for that. Want to try your hand at painting? There’s an app for that, too! You can start almost any hobby with the help of your handheld device, and many of them are free to download. See here for more information on apps. 

We always strive to provide our residents with a happy, healthy environment. During these challenging times, that’s no different. Our hearts go out to the families and communities affected by COVID-19. If you want to learn more about our response to COVID-19 visit our FAQ page. If you’re not seeing what you’re looking for, WHO and the CDC are helpful sources for trusted and updated information on COVID-19.

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