6 Tips for Maximizing Space When You Downsize Your Home

Storage and decorating may be a challenge at first, but don’t be daunted. With a few decorating and storage tricks, you can be feeling right at home in no time. Don’t let downsizing cramp your style — instead, use these tips for maximizing small spaces. 

Use Multipurpose Furniture

One simple way to help open up a space is by eliminating unnecessary furniture. But getting rid of furniture doesn’t have to mean sacrificing function. With furniture that has dual purposes, you can do more with less. 

For example, consider using a bed with a bookcase headboard, or built-in drawers or shelves. Find an end table that doubles as a desk or an ottoman with built-in storage.

Think Vertical

If you want to make a room look taller, start looking up. Use all of your wall space from the floor to ceiling. Floor-length curtains and art placed high on your walls both help give the illusion of higher ceilings. 

The vertical rule goes for shelving, too. Not only will tall shelves help lengthen your space, they’ll lessen the need for end tables and other furniture, clearing your floor and opening the room.

Save Closet Space

Fashionistas rejoice — downsizing your home doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your wardrobe. Make better use of the space in a smaller closet with layered hangers. These handy space-savers let you drape multiple items of clothing on one hanger, so that you can store your clothes vertically (and still help keep them wrinkle-free).

Go Over the Top with Toiletries

If you’re having a hard time finding space for linens or toiletries, a well-placed shelf can do the trick. Put shelves in unexpected places — for example, above the toilet. These over-the-toilet shelves are specially made to transform your commode into a storage space for linens, toiletries and more. 

Use Your Kitchen Sink

Want to save some counter space? Your sink is more versatile than you’d think. Over-the-sink drying racks are a convenient kitchen solution that can help you clear your counter space for cooking. 

And if you’re preparing a big meal, you may want to consider an over-the-sink cutting board, handy for both chopping and rinsing your food while you cook.

Decorate with Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, make any room look spacious instead of small. Mirrors can create the illusion of spaciousness. Try placing your mirror strategically to reflect the most beautiful parts of your room — a statement chandelier, for example, or your window with a view.

Want More Tips for Downsizing?

We’ve got a blog post for that. Check out our post, “Downsizing 101: 7 Tips for Scaling Back,” and make the most of your cozy new home!


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