5 Things to Declutter From Your Kitchen

As you’re tackling your decluttering project, keep these criteria in mind when you’re choosing what to keep and what to discard: how often the item is used, how difficult the item is to clean, how versatile it is, and how many duplicates of the item you have. If a tool is not used often, there’s usually not much value in keeping it around. If a tool is difficult to clean, it may create more work than it saves. If a tool is single-purpose or lacks versatility, you can consider discarding it in favor of a tool that can perform multiple functions. And if you have duplicates of a tool, you might consider trimming your collection down to a more manageable level. After all, you probably don’t need a spatula for every day of the week!

In case you’re looking for some decluttering inspiration, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  1. Crystal can be easily replaced with other materials that are more functional and durable. It is often difficult to keep crystal clean, and it can easily shatter if dropped. Additionally, crystal pieces can be quite expensive and may not be worth the investment if they are only going to be used occasionally. Ceramic or glass dinnerware is generally a more practical option in the kitchen, as it looks nice and can often be easily cleaned with minimal risk of damage.
  2. Countertop appliances take up a lot of valuable counter space, and they can be difficult to store. They also require frequent cleaning, as bits of food can get trapped in their nooks and crannies. By winnowing down your countertop appliances to only the ones you get frequent or daily use out of, like a coffee maker, you may be able to free up much-needed counter space and make it easier to keep your kitchen clean. You can use the extra space as a staging area for your cooking preparations, or for decorative storage containers.
  3. A lot of duplicate kitchen tools like whisks, spoons and spatulas can easily be replaced with a single utensil. Not only do you have less to clean, but it can also be easier to find the tool you need if everything is in one place. Plus, it just takes up unnecessary space in your kitchen when you could use that for something else.
  4. Getting rid of single-use kitchen tools can not only clean up your kitchen aesthetic, but it could potentially make you a more creative cook as you learn tips and tricks to manage without items like garlic presses, pastry crimpers or heavy pizza stones. Here’s a simple rule of thumb: if the tool has the name of a fruit or vegetable followed by the word “slicer,” you probably don’t need it. Plus, there’s less to clean at the end of the day!
  5. Plastic storage container creep is a real thing. These ubiquitous tombs for leftovers seem to multiply on their own, and before you know it, they have a dedicated cabinet. Why not recycle your collection and replace them with a few carefully selected glass containers? Not only will fewer containers take up less cabinet space, the odds that you’ll be able to match a lid to a container will go up dramatically. Plus, glass is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, and will not stain or hold food smells.

Here’s a bonus tip: If you have the funds, consider decluttering by upgrading and not simply discarding. For example, swapping a giant countertop microwave for a sleek over-the-stove model can free up space in your kitchen without losing functionality. Or gifting to a friend or relative the very nice, nearly commercial stand mixer you got when you had a larger kitchen and replacing it with a light duty hand mixer that’s more in line with your current needs. Not only will that declutter your kitchen, it will also create a lot of joy in the life of someone you love.

Happy decluttering!

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