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Health & Wellness April 18, 2020

Get Better Sleep with these 10-Senior-Friendly Tips

Restlessness can heighten during uncertain times. Here's how you can ease your mind and get a better night's sleep.

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Health & Wellness April 16, 2020

5 Simple Ways for Seniors to Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key, no matter what age. Here are five simple ways seniors can stay healthy and hydrated!

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Health & Wellness April 15, 2020

Is Coronavirus Affecting Your Mental Health? Tips for Seniors and Caregivers on Stress and Anxiety

Check out these helpful tips to manage your stress and anxiety, even during uncertain times!

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Health & Wellness April 13, 2020

Help Seniors Stay Stocked Up During Social Distancing With These Tips

Making sure your senior loved one is stocked up is a top priority during social distancing. Here are some ways you can make sure they have everything they need.

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Senior Living 101 April 10, 2020

Downsizing 101: 7 Tips for Scaling Back

Are you considering downsizing? These seven tips can help you successfully scale back.

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