Restyle Your Living Space on a Budget


Rearrange Your Furniture 


One of the most affordable ways to spruce up your home  won’t cost you a dime: rearranging your furniture. It takes a little creativity — and a little muscle, depending on the items — but moving furniture can be just the solution you’re looking for. You can start by shifting items in the room or pull from other areas of your home. If you have spare rooms with furniture collecting dust, say, a side table or a lamp, try moving them to more lived-in areas of your home like the living room or main bedroom. Just make sure you’re not overexerting yourself and only tackle items that can be moved comfortably.


Get Crafty


If you happen to be a crafter, you can actually create new accent items to liven up your home. Macrame hangings, punch needle art and woven knit tapestries are all beautiful ways to add color and personality to a room using crafting items you already have. For an added challenge, look up a new crafting pattern online for a truly unique-to-you piece. And if you aren’t a crafter, this can be a great opportunity to try a new hobby that also improves your home.

Pick Up a Paintbrush

There are two ways you can use paint to refresh your home: painting a room or painting a piece of art. Either way you go, your walls will thank you. Paint is pretty affordable, whether you buy a gallon of paint or a beginner’s acrylic paint kit. If you choose to paint your walls, make sure you’re being conscious of the physical work and don’t overextend yourself. For a quick home-improvement project with paint that won’t be too labor intensive, try painting just one accent wall. If possible to do so safely, you can always enlist the help of a family member for an extra pair of hands. When it comes to works of art, all you need is a canvas of any size, a few paint brushes, your paint set and a dose of creativity. 


Shop Secondhand


If you’re in the mood to buy something new and want to save some money, give secondhand shops and local thrift stores a try. Some of the more popular options are Goodwill, The Salvation Army and Value Village. You can find an array of home goods, from one-of-a-kind statement pieces to classic items that every home should have. While you’re making the trip, you can also donate any items you have sitting around, too. After all, moving items out can refresh a space as much as bringing new pieces in. If you’re not able to venture out, there are lots of vintage dealers on Etsy who’ve done the hard work of shopping in person for you.


Liven Up Your Couch


Couches are often the biggest, most expensive pieces of furniture in a living space, so it might not be easy to replace one on a fixed budget. Instead of buying a new one, update the focal point of your living room with a few new accessories: well-placed couch cushions and a nice throw. Stick to a color scheme you love and find a few standout pieces. Cushions can range in price, but it’s easy to find great options for under $30 at home goods stores and major retailers like Target and Walmart. As for a comfy throw, reuse one from your bedroom, knit a cozy option or pick one up while you shop for new cushions. 

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