Alzheimer's & Dementia April 02, 2018

What Doctor Diagnoses Dementia?

When the early symptoms of dementia arise, knowing which doctor to see may not be as clear. In fact, several different types of practitioners may get involved before reaching a diagnosis. Find out which doctor makes a dementia diagnosis.

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Tech for Seniors April 01, 2018

Tech Tips: 10 Tips for Teaching Technology to Seniors

Before your next visit, consider arming yourself with the following 10 tips for teaching technology to seniors.

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Caregiver's Corner March 29, 2018

Negotiating Sibling Caregiving Relationships: Who Should Care For Mom?

A parent in need can bring a whole family together. But unfortunately, many families end up feeling divided by disagreements about how to care for an aging parent. Who is the best person to take care of Mom? How can a long-distance sibling help out? When, if at all, is the right time to consider moving her to a care facility?

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Tech for Seniors March 22, 2018

How Virtual Assistants and Voice Technology Are Revolutionizing Aging

With recent advancements in speech recognition and big-data storage, the world is moving beyond smartphones. Virtual assistants are animating homes and cars, the workplace and even senior living.

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Caregiver's Corner March 22, 2018

Men are Caregivers Too

Check out some interesting facts about men who serve as caregivers.

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