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Living with Purpose January 11, 2021

Get Crafty With These Senior-Friendly DIY Projects

Not only is crafting fun, but it can also be great for your mind and body. Here are five craft ideas to help boost your mood and get your mind flowing.

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How Telehealth Can Help Boost Seniors’ Mental Health

Telehealth is a growing technology that allows people to see a therapist or mental health professional directly from their device. This technology can be particularly important for seniors.

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Living with Purpose December 28, 2020

Come Along for Grandma Joy’s National Parks Adventure

Joy Ryan—Grandma Joy as she’s lovingly known to her over 36,800 Instagram followers—has done a lot in the past few years. She’s been followed by humpback whales and dolphins at Channel Islands National Park. She encountered a bison herd at Yellowstone National Park. And she’s done it all with her grandson at her side.

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Health, Safety and Wellness December 22, 2020

5 Surprising Things That Could Be Hurting Your Hearing

One of the most common health issues seniors run into is hearing loss. But loud music isn’t the only thing that can put the “huh?” into “hard of hearing.” Here are some less common ways you could damage your hearing.

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Health, Safety and Wellness December 21, 2020

How to Tell If Your Houseplant Needs Repotting

Many indoor plants are low maintenance, but you’ll have to do some upkeep from time to time. Repotting a plant that’s ready for a new home isn’t too difficult, but how do you know when it’s time to give your aloe or ivy plant a fresh start?

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