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Health & Wellness, COVID-19 June 19, 2020

Stress Baking the Healthier Way

Baking while quarantined has become so popular that yeast manufacturers can barely keep up with the demand. But if you’re worried that all those extra carbs and sugars could be taking a negative toll on your health, you may want to consider modifying your recipes.

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Tech for Seniors, COVID-19 June 16, 2020

Tech To The Rescue

Technology is playing a bigger part in seniors' lives more than ever before. Learn how they're using it every day to stay connected.

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Living with Purpose June 11, 2020

When It's Time to Pay it Forward

Contributor Dian Griesel from Silver Disobedience discusses how adult children can care for their senior parents.

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Health & Wellness, COVID-19 June 10, 2020

How to Help Avoid Fitness Injuries When Working Out at Home

If you’re thinking of changing up your fitness routine, always check in with your doctor first. Then try these tips that are designed to ensure a safer and healthier workout at home

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Senior Living 101 June 05, 2020

Brookdale Brings Transparency to the Cost of Senior Living

The price of senior living communities is murky and difficult to find. For older adults looking to make the move to senior living, finding clear information on the cost of living can be frustrating. Here's how we're bringing transparency to the process.

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