Living with Purpose April 24, 2020

Make the Most of Staying Indoors by Refreshing Your Home

So fresh and so clean -- there is no better time to start spring cleaning and redecorating.

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Living with Purpose April 22, 2020

5 At-Home Hobbies You Can Start During Social Distancing

The idea of staying at home all day can seem a little, well, boring. As long as we’re practicing social distancing, it’s important to find ways to stay engaged indoors.

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Financing Your Future April 20, 2020

Quick Side Jobs Retired Seniors Can Do to Make Money From Home

Make money and never leave your couch. See how these side jobs are safely helping retirees earn a little extra cash.

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Health & Wellness April 18, 2020

Get Better Sleep with these 10-Senior-Friendly Tips

Restlessness can heighten during uncertain times. Here's how you can ease your mind and get a better night's sleep.

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Health & Wellness April 16, 2020

5 Simple Ways for Seniors to Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key, no matter what age. Here are five simple ways seniors can stay healthy and hydrated!

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