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At Brookdale, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of senior care. We also love to talk about the ways that we engage with our seniors. On our blog you’ll find lots of great reads — from snapshots of health advice to a peek behind the curtain at what makes our company tick.

Personalized Living: A Creative Response to Aging

Kim Estes February 06, 2017

Seniors always catch my eye when I’m out and about. Whether I’m at the grocery store, stopping at the bank or ducking into the drugstore, that’s who draws my attention. With everything seniors have contributed throughout their lives and the wisdom th... Read more

The Hardest Rule

Virginia Wylie February 04, 2017

  We discussed this during a poetry session.  I thought it went well until the very end.  I dropped some papers to the floor and Judy jumped up out of her wheelchair to come pick them up for me. I waved her back and Barbara, who was attending, grabbe... Read more

Snowy Walks

Betty Ago February 03, 2017

Just as we left our friends after a leisurely lunch in our CCRC dining room, it started to snow. I had intended to take a walk.  So, I did. I wore my bright red parka, which makes me visible for quite a distance and walked my usual route around our c... Read more

7 Tricks for Mastering the Art of Heart-Healthy Shopping

Brookdale Senior Living February 01, 2017

Healthy grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. Keep it interesting with these tips to stock your pantry and refrigerator with heart-healthy ingredients. Read more

What Happened At Our Last Resident Council Meeting

Bernie Block February 01, 2017

With at least one third of our residents attending, our last meeting brought forth many complaints, mostly concerning the kitchen and the dining room areas, and covered these topics  Food was not served hot enough for all parts of the main course. Wh... Read more

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