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Dementia and Friendships: 4 Tips for Maintaining a Relationship

A person living with dementia is still your friend. They're the same person you’ve shared laughs and experiences with. Now that they have a dementia diagnosis you might hear them repeat a story, or forget a detail, and it might be harder for them to focus in certain situations, but you can still enjoy spending time with them.

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Health, Safety and Wellness September 30, 2021

The Art of the Power Nap

A quick nap can benefit your brain. But before you hit the hay during the day, there are a few things to consider. Not all naps are created equal, but there are ways you can help optimize your naptime.

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4 Tips to Help Prevent Medication Complications

The effects of taking multiple medications to manage co-existing health problems is called polypharmacy. Medication side effects and interactions can cause deadly harm, and seniors are especially at risk.

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Passion & Purpose September 27, 2021

Mr. Chang is 101!

For Mr. Chang's birthday, Brookdale Northwest Hills put together a community celebration to mark the occasion.

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Passion & Purpose September 24, 2021

A Brookdale Resident's Passion for Painting

Mary Nell has been painting for the majority of her life. And she's brought her skill, knowledge, and passion for this art to her Brookdale community.

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