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At Brookdale, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of senior care. We also love to talk about the ways that we engage with our seniors. On our blog you’ll find lots of great reads — from snapshots of health advice to a peek behind the curtain at what makes our company tick.

What are Advance Care Directives? Planning for the Future

Kim Estes April 17, 2017

Most people are exceedingly uncomfortable talking about the end of life and it’s understandable, of course. Our society emphasizes youth and anti-aging, which further discourages thinking about later life, let alone planning for it. However, it is cr... Read more

Easter Thought

Virginia Wylie April 15, 2017

Come be my Easter Bunny, honey I want you to be near This glad, sad Time of year Let us wonder, ponder The reason for this season Long was the night The sun will rise Day dawns light Life springs, sings We’ll be together, ever In truth, joy lies. Vir... Read more

Butterflies and Straws, Continued

Betty Ago April 14, 2017

Strangely enough, my husband had a life defining experience in elementary school at about the same time I did.  Different school, one grade up. The teacher had devised an economics lesson. She created many pieces of paper money that were evenly distr... Read more

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care: Eight Steps for Dealing with Dementia Behaviors

Juliet Holt Klinger April 13, 2017

One of the painful aspects of Alzheimer’s and dementia is the way it can seem to shift the person you love into acting like someone else. Perhaps you’ve always cherished your father’s gentle nature, but now he is frequently angry and raises his voice... Read more

Celebrating National Sibling Day: A Brookdale Resident Reunites with her Brothers

Brookdale Senior Living April 10, 2017

Sibling relationships are often the longest friendships of our lives. For Rama McCarty, 87, that is true of her relationship with her brothers, Cordell and Duell. Neither distance nor the effects of early stage dementia could shake their loving bond.... Read more

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