Living with Purpose May 02, 2020

Pierrette Sadler: Teaching Children to Follow Direction Through Dance

How Pierrette Sadler is teaching children how to follow directions through dance.

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Tech for Seniors May 01, 2020

How Seniors Can Help Avoid Coronavirus Scams with These 6 Tips

Online scams are becoming more and more common, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak. Here are six ways to avoid these scams

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Health & Wellness April 30, 2020

Eat Your Way to More Brain Power

The food you put in your body may help improve your brain health as you age with grace. Here is how you can eat your way to a stronger mind.

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Caregiver's Corner April 29, 2020

Self-Care for Caregivers During Coronavirus

Caregivers often put other's needs ahead of their own. But during these difficult times, self-care is important now more than ever. Here's how you can avoid burnout.

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Living with Purpose April 28, 2020

From Couch to Summit: How One 70-Year-Old Lost 130 Pounds

Marilyn Kuchma was determined to lose weight, but she never knew it would take her to the summit of Mount Fuji.

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