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Looking Back to Move Forward: Why Life Stories Should Guide Dementia Care

Brookdale Senior Living November 08, 2017

Jay Newton-Small is cofounder of MemoryWell, a national network of more than 350 journalists who tell the life stories of those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia in order to improve ... Read more

Dementia and Friendships: Four Tips for Maintaining a Relationship

Juliet Holt Klinger November 06, 2017

The fear of losing friendships often becomes a reality for those living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Unfortunately, a common story I hear from people living with this diagnosis is ... Read more

Six Tech Gadgets to Help Seniors Stay Safe and Warm This Winter

Andrew Smith October 30, 2017

Winter can be rough on everyone, but it’s often especially difficult for seniors. When temperatures drop, seniors can find it challenging to navigate icy roads and snow-covered walkways, stay warm ... Read more

Four Tips for Living Well with Lewy Body Dementia

Robert Bowles October 28, 2017

Editor’s Note: October is Lewy Body Disease Awareness Month. To better understand this complex and often misdiagnosed disease, we asked someone living with LBD to share his perspective as well ... Read more

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