Financing Your Future August 27, 2019

The 5 Best-Kept Secrets to Financing Senior Living

There are so many reasons to move to a senior living community. But how do you pay for it? We break down five unique ways to finance senior living.

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Living with Purpose August 16, 2019

Alspach Family: "Grandpa continues woodworking as family tradition"

The Alspach family celebrates its family values and closeness together through woodworking. David works at the same community where his grandfather lives. Together they continue the woodworking tradition.

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Caregiver's Corner August 15, 2019

Arthur Washington: "I'm called to do this work"

Arthur Washington is the Health & Wellness Director at Brookdale Willowbrook. He said he's been called to do this work and be engaged with the people at Brookdale. Arthur wants to retire with Brookdale, continuing his career in nursing and impacting the daily lives of all of his residents and their families.

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Caregiver's Corner August 12, 2019

5 Self-Care Tips for Making the Most of Your Senior Visits

To truly enjoy time with your loved one, self-care is crucial. Here are a few tips for taking care of yourself before and after your visits.

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Senior Living 101 August 06, 2019

Miniature Gardens Bring the Great Outdoors In

Fortunately, miniature gardens can bring greenspace into your home — whether you’re aging in place or living it up at a senior community. Read on to find out how you can still enjoy your favorite hobby and bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside.

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