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Passion & Purpose April 22, 2022

A 94-Year-Old Artist Delights In Sharing His Craft

Shelly Weiser is proof that you can reimagine your life at any age. The now-94-year-old resident of Brookdale Lisle, a master wood carver, didn't begin to learn his craft until he was 75.

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A Canine Companion at Brookdale

When Helen moved into Brookdale Corsicana, the executive director's dog, Wyatt, immediately welcomed her.

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Financial Well-Being April 18, 2022

Could a Bridge Loan Be Right for You?

A bridge loan may be used to bridge a gap in financial need until expected funds are secured. They're commonly used when buying or selling a home.

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Senior Living Terms to Know

If you're just starting your senior living search, you may come across some terms you don't know. Here's a quick guide to senior living terms.

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6 Reasons Why Swimming Can Be Good for You

From building muscle to improving posture, swimming can be great for your health as you age.

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