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Financial Well-Being November 16, 2020

Saving for Retirement? Make a Zero-Based Budget

Whether you’re building your retirement fund, saving up for a move to senior living, paying down debt or simply looking for a way to better manage your money, a zero-based budget can help you save more cash and help accomplish your financial goals.

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Alzheimer's & Dementia November 12, 2020

Dementia and Romantic Relationships: A New Normal

As the number of people affected by dementia continues to grow, more complex issues related to the disease are gaining public attention. Among the more sensitive: personal stories of spouses and partners of those with advanced levels of the disease forming new romantic relationships while continuing to care for their loved ones

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Health, Safety and Wellness November 10, 2020

Make Your Home Your Happy Place with These 5 Mood Boosters

One of the simplest ways to potentially improve your mental health at home is to introduce small items that have a positive impact on your mood. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for turning your home into your happy place.

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Living with Purpose, COVID-19 November 09, 2020

6 Senior-Friendly Ways to Celebrate the Holidays When You’re Apart

Put a new spin on old holiday traditions with these ways to stay connected with your senior loved ones during the holidays, even when you can’t be together.

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Senior Living 101 November 05, 2020

6 Tips for Maximizing Space When You Downsize Your Home

Don’t let downsizing cramp your style — instead, use these tips for maximizing small spaces.

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