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6 Reasons Why Swimming Can Be Good for You

From building muscle to improving posture, swimming can be great for your health as you age.

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Passion & Purpose April 04, 2022

No Yard? No Problem! Windowsill Gardening for Seniors

Whether you’re looking for a fun hobby, or you want to personalize your new apartment at Brookdale, windowsill gardens can be a great low-maintenance solution to brighten up any small space.

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Passion & Purpose March 30, 2022

95-Year-Old Veteran Brings His Art to Life at Brookdale

Brookdale resident Dewey Blair is a 95-year-old artist who can transform the photos he captures on-camera into vibrant paintings.

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Ready, Set, Play! Pickleball for Seniors

Pickleball is one of the trendiest recreational activities for seniors. Find out why it's so appealing and how to play.

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Passion & Purpose March 15, 2022

20+ Restaurants With Senior Discounts

Who doesn't love the perks of senior discounts and special offers? Dozens of regional and nationwide chains have added reduced prices and specific menu items available to older adults, and we've rounded up some highlights.

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