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Health, Safety and Wellness December 13, 2021

The MIND Diet's Effects on Brain Health

Learn more about the MIND diet, a combination of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet, which was made with the goal of emphasizing foods that impact brain health.

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Socialization & Relationships December 08, 2021

A Vet's Tips for Healthier, Happier Pets

Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker explains how we can improve our pets’ quality of life.

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Passion & Purpose November 29, 2021

6 Holiday Gift Ideas to Simplify Seniors' Lives

With these cutting-edge gifts for seniors, you can help your loved one stay plugged in to the latest tech trends.

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Socialization & Relationships November 24, 2021

5 Holiday Movies to Stream This Season

Check out our list of some of the best holiday films for seniors and where to watch them.

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Four Reasons to See a Geriatrician

If you want the senior in your life to get the best possible care, consider booking an appointment with a geriatrician, an expert in issues associated with aging.

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