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Eight Simple Steps to Make Managing Medications Easier

Modern medicine can work wonders. However, in order to be effective, you have to take medicine safely and according to prescribing guidelines. In addition, patients and health care providers need to be vigilant about the dangers of drug interactions.

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Health, Safety and Wellness December 30, 2019

5 Superfoods to Support Healthy Aging

Vitamins, free radicals, fatty acids — oh my! Getting all your nutrients can be complicated. There’s a reason it takes years of hitting the books to get a degree in nutrition! But thankfully, you don’t need to have a degree to eat healthily.

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Health, Safety and Wellness December 16, 2019

Are the Winter Months Affecting Your Loved One's Mental Health?

Icy conditions and cold temperatures can cause seniors to stay indoors. As a result, lack of sunlight, changes in light patterns and loneliness can make winter a difficult time of year for older adults.

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Health, Safety and Wellness November 18, 2019

How Seniors Stay Healthy and Well in Cold Season

When it comes to colds and flu, winter can be brutal — especially to those living in close-knit senior living communities. This informative listicle features ways seniors and their caregivers can stay healthy during the coldest season. Potential topics could include getting a senior flu shot and staying away from hallway neighbors who are sick.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Get Your Flu Shot

Our immune systems naturally tend to weaken over time. That’s why an annual flu shot is a must-have for older adults.

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