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A Senior's Aging Eyes: Five Reasons to Visit an Optometrist in March

Brookdale Senior Living March 16, 2017

As we age, we experience changes to our body and health in many different ways. Some things happen suddenly and are noticeable; others creep up on us slowly. That’s why we are encouraged to be proactive about our health and regularly visit a doctor f... Read more

How to Sleep Better as You Age

Kim Estes March 13, 2017

“What wouldn’t I give for a good night’s rest?” If you’re like me, you’ve said this at least once and maybe more.  And as we age, sleeping problems and sleep disorders become more common. According to a 2003 poll done by the National Sleep Foundation... Read more

Senior Nutrition: Five Tips to Help Your Loved One Eat

Brookdale Senior Living March 09, 2017

Every parent knows good nutrition is critical for your kids, and getting them to eat well can be an ongoing struggle. But what if you’re also caring for an aging parent? Ensuring seniors eat well can be even more frustrating than getting children to ... Read more

8 Simple Steps to Help Seniors, Caregivers Better Manage Medications

Brookdale Senior Living February 16, 2017

Modern medicine can work wonders. However, in order to be effective, medicine needs to be taken safely, according to prescribing guidelines, and patients and health care providers need to be vigilant about the dangers of drug interactions. When it co... Read more

Personalized Living: A Creative Response to Aging

Kim Estes February 06, 2017

Seniors always catch my eye when I’m out and about. Whether I’m at the grocery store, stopping at the bank or ducking into the drugstore, that’s who draws my attention. With everything seniors have contributed throughout their lives and the wisdom th... Read more

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