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How Gratitude Can Change Your Brain

Studies have suggested that a gratitude practice can help some people to feel happier. It can also potentially assist in reducing anxiety and warding off feelings of depression. Ready to focus on feeling more grateful? Here are some easy exercises to try.

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Four Reasons to Try the Mediterranean Diet

A number of Brookdale communities recently held events highlighting the Mediterranean diet and its health benefits.

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In Praise of Nurses

From drawing your blood to helping you with rehabilitation post-surgery, there are so many things nurses do to help patients to feel their best. In honor of them, let’s take a look at the different types of nurses you may encounter when receiving care.

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6 Reasons Why Swimming Can Be Good for You

From building muscle to improving posture, swimming can be great for your health as you age.

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Nighttime Routines to Help Seniors Sleep Better

A nighttime routine should generally be performed in the same order, every night. Here are five routines that seniors can try to sleep better and snooze longer.

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